Early payout Pin Up

Now at PIN-UP, the Over X bet type is settled in advance! If the number of goals scored in the match reaches X, we immediately refund your bet amount. Moreover, if the game concludes with a total score of X+1 or more, you’ll receive your additional winnings.

Make sports bet at Pin Up!

Example 1: Manchester United and Liverpool clash in the FA Cup. You bet ৳ 1,000 on Manchester United with an Over 2 bet type at odds of 2.25. When Manchester United scores the second goal, PIN-UP refunds your ৳ 1,000 bet. After the match ends with a score of 3:1, we credit an additional ৳ 1,250 to your account.

Example 2: Barcelona and Bayern face off in the Champions League final. You place a ৳ 1,000 bet on Bayern with an Over 2.75 bet type at odds of 1.2. When Bayern scores the third goal at the 30th minute, PIN-UP immediately credits ৳ 600 for winning the first part of your bet and refunds ৳ 500 as the original bet for the second part. Even if Barcelona tightens their defense and no more goals are scored, your initial bet remains securely in your account, irrespective of the final result.

Additional terms:

  • This promotion applies to all single bets of the Over X type.
  • The promotion is valid for both pre-match and Live bets.